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Christopher Peel

Chief Investment Officer

Christopher Peel is the Chief Investment Officer of Tavistock Wealth and carries direct responsibility for all investments in the Centralised Investment Proposition at the firm. Together with the research and investment team, he manages the ACUMEN Portfolios and more than 50 model portfolios including the TW PROFILES and the Tavistock PROFILES. Christopher has more than 30 years’ experience in financial markets, working with both traditional and alternative asset managers, having held senior management positions at both Citibank and Salomon Brothers. Christopher holds a B.A.degree in Economics from Colorado College.

Ben Raven


Ben is responsible for Business Development at Tavistock Wealth, providing support to Tavistock Advisers as well as promoting the Tavistock Wealth offering to external IFAs. Ben has 10 years’ experience in financial services having held senior management positions at both Asset Management and Wealth Management organisations. At Blacksquare Ben was a Director and Head of Research. At Towry Ben was responsible for the implementing the Towry Advisory Proposition as well as conducting due diligence on a number of acquisitions. He holds a B.A in Business Management from Leeds University Business School.

David Michael Legg

Compliance Director

After leaving the army, Mick’s career in financial services began in 1993 with Royal London. He fulfilled various roles starting as an adviser and moving on to management and leading sales teams. In 2005, Mick reunited with a number of former colleagues in a newly formed IFA practice to provide compliance support. The expansion of the business and the increased regulatory requirements saw Mick appointed as Compliance Director in 2011. That role has subsequently developed further, and Mick is now responsible for Tavistock Group compliance.

David Villa-Clarke  BEM, MBA

Business Management Consultant

David Villa-Clarke, DVC, is responsible for working with IFAs outside of the Tavistock Group and helping them develop their business. David has over 20 years’ experience in the Wealth Management sector. Having gained considerable experience working at a senior level in National Wealth Management firms, David is well versed in how to attract and retain clients. DVC specialises in identifying M&A targets and conducting due diligence, whilst possessing an in-depth understanding of preparing a business for exit.

Liz Feltwell

Business Development Manager

Liz Feltwell is responsible for promoting the Tavistock Wealth offering to IFAs outside of the Tavistock Group. Liz has a number of years’ experience working with city based asset managers and specialist investment houses. Most recently as intermediary sales manager, Liz covered the UK and was responsible for promoting model portfolios to advisers as well as establishing successful commercial relationships with networks.

Duncan Anderson

Business Development Manager

Duncan Anderson is responsible for helping Tavistock Financial members develop their business. Duncan has over 30 years experience in financial services including senior management roles in direct sales and training. Duncan also has experience running his own advisory business. Having joined Tavistock Financial in 2009, Duncan’s previous roles include field-based compliance and business development manager where he was responsible for recruiting new members.

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